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Why Wifi
At Anpviz, we understand that everyone has different needs based on their unique properties. We also understand your need to keep your walls in pristine condition so you get your security deposit back.
That’s right renters, we’re talking to you! Personalized security systems aren’t just for homeowners and business owners. We believe in everyone’s right to have security that fits their individual needs.

You rent condos, town homes, apartments, even houses. But that doesn’t mean your basic needs are any different from the average homeowner. You go to work and leave your property just like everyone
else.Maybe the kids are at home being watched by someone you’re not so sure about yet. Or you’ve got a stash of valuables that you need to keep safe. Or maybe you’ve been dealing with a pesky package
thief who keeps poaching off your porch. That’s where we come in to offer top-of-the-line solutions to your security needs.

Our WiFi cameras deliver crystal clear image quality while affording you the efficiency of not relying on data cables. So, your landlord says no drilling into the walls? No problem. We’ve expanded our WiFi
systems to include our classic bullet and dome designs. With a WiFi range of up to 150 meters, you’ll be able to place the cameras anywhere on your property and have them seamlessly sync with your network.

If you’re not a renter, our WiFi systems are still for you. Homes with longer driveways or faraway gates where you can’t run data cables can benefit from a wireless setup. Farms or properties with multiple buildings also enjoy the same advantages of wireless systems. The 150-meter WiFi range is slightly longer than a professional soccer field, so we’ve got you covered even if you’re a business owner. From offices, to retail space, to large warehouses, our WiFi camera systems will bring the versatility of being placed just about anywhere on your property.

So, if you’re still sitting there wondering why WiFi, then let us reassure you that you’ll get all the benefits of a professional security system with less hassle and more flexibility. The kits range from 4-channel to 8-channel NVRs with 1080P bullet and dome cameras that capture all the fine details in your field of view. Along with that, you’ll be able to see up to 100ft in the dark with excellent infrared night vision. Plus, customizable motion detection settings allow you to receive push notifications to your mobile device when movement is detected.

As always, our WiFi kits are compatible with our free mobile app,
Anpviz Connect, so you can view your live footage, review your recordings and receive notifications anytime, anywhere. So forget the extra drilling, cut your dependency on data cables and trust our brand new WiFi systems.