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How #AnpvizTrial works?


Fill out the below inquiry form and tell us about yourself. and the items that you are interested to get.or Send us email to


We’ll contact you if you’re picked. Then you’ll receive our new product, and test it thoroughly.


Share your feedback or suggestions with us and other users.

Who can apply for this program?

Anyone who likes testing and sharing ideas can apply for #AnpvizTrial. We look forward to teaming with you and love to be inspired by you.

How can I get selected for this program?

We hope our testers can:

• Fill out the full profile and keep it updated if anything changes;

• Elaborate on your testing plan when applying;

• Provide detailed reviews. Attaching photos or videos would be better.

How can I know if I’m selected?

We’ll announce the results on detailed page of the program, official reddit Facebook group and Community. Also, if you’re selected, we’ll contact you via email.

Do I need to pay for the new product?

No, it is completely free.

Where can I post my review?

You’re supposed to submit feedback on “Share Your Review” section on detail page of the program.

What kind of review can I post?

Your review can be text reviews, videos, photos or other forms you like.

Can I apply for several #AnpvizTrial programs?

Yes, you can apply for several programs, but you can only be chosen for one program at a time.

How do I get support during the testing?

You can ask any questions on “Share your Review” section on detail page of the program in our subreddit or Facebook group.

Other Rules

• Failing to submit reviews will disqualify you from future programs.
• Anpviz reserves the right to use, edit, and repost the content you shared.


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