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Support Articles
About the Anpviz  Cameras

Analog Cameras

An analog camera connects to its network through a BNC cable. The image transfer is instant because this type of camera does not process footage (only captures it), so you will experience no delay when watching in live view.  But analog cameras have lower resolution capabilities than their IP peers because of their older form of technology.

Normally, cable connection for analog cameras can run up to 1500 feet; However, if you are looking to cover very large spaces/distances across multiple buildings, analog cameras may not be your best bet as underground cables are vulnerable to damage and interference.

In general, analog cameras tend to be much less expensive than their IP counterparts, so if you’re on a budget, analog cameras are the solid tried-and-true security option that’s been around the longest.


 IP Cameras

A standard IP camera connects to a Network Video Recorder or its network through an Ethernet cable. Once it is physically hooked up to the network (cabling can run up to 1500 feet), it can be accessed and used remotely from anywhere in the world as long as one has the IP address/password for the camera.

The camera itself can have image processing capabilities, and newer models often have advanced image refining features such as WDR (wide dynamic range), VCA (video content analysis), and ROI (region of interest). If you are looking for an IP camera with these features, see Anpviz's 4MP IP Camera Poe, 2688x1520 HD Indoor Outdoor, Poe Camera Motion Detection with Night Vision,Works with Hikvision NVR, Onvif Camera, 3.6mm H.265

Because the camera has to process the image however,  there is going to be a slight (1-2 sec) delay in the transfer of the footage to your monitor. Unless you have an explicit need to watch things at the precise second they happen, this should not be an issue at all. Along with all the perks of built-in image processing, IP cameras can have up to 4k resolution.

PTZ Camera

Anpviz PTZ Security Camera, H.265 4MP PoE IP Dome Camera, HD 2592x1944 Pan Tilt 20x Optical Zoom, High Speed Outdoor Dome Camera Waterproof IP66

High-Quality 160ft Night Vision Camera
4MP Super HD 2592x1944, 160 ft night vision range in dark, PTZ features maximize nighttime surveillance, 
HD images and videos even in the dark, a great solution for large areas like parking areas, garage, backyard, 
front yard, etc.

PoE MakesWiring & Installation Easier
Powered by Ethernet cable (Cat 5 &Cat 6 cable) – only single Ethernet cable for power & data connection, 
plugin PoE injector or switch. One Ethernet cable only, no power cord.

Real-Time Motion Detection & Smart Alerts
Flexible motion detection (set detection zone,schedule detection time and adjust sensibility), real-time and 
accurate movement alert via app push notification, email, support automatically upload motion-triggered
image capture and recording to FTP.